wine treatment


ON/OFF systems are designed for smaller volumes, medium or large volumes are either semi-automated or fully automated. Thanks to the used membranes developed exclusively for clarification, the wine retains its taste, color, aroma as well as the substances.

The design of the devices is based on the needs of the customer, it is possible to oversize the manually controlled device for flows of approx. 500L / h. CHEZAR also offers cross flow microfiltration for rent.

The biggest advantages of using microfiltration include savings of time, energy and costs. It is used as a substitute for diatomaceous earth filtration, it simplifies and speeds up the filtration process. 

description of technology

Microfiltration is a method of filtration which enable to separate suspended particles in the size of 0.1 - 10 μm (yeast 3 - 10 μm) using special membranes. 

Most common usage of microfiltration:

  • in removing turbidity, particles and yeast from wine after the fermentation process
  • to stop the fermentation process, which allows the production of wine with a lower alcohol content and a higher sugar content
  • to delay the begining of the fermentation process by removing the yeast from the must
  • as a prevention of wine degradation by yeasts of the genus Brettanomyces
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